Jorge Muñoz is a prominent Peruvian chef who has made a mark in the emblematic kitchens of his country. After years of living in Spain, Jorge felt the need to return to his roots and rediscover the culinary essence of Peru. His passion for cooking has become a complete experience, where he seeks to combine flavors with artistic presentation in each dish.

In his quest to reflect his personality and character in his culinary creations, Jorge found the perfect solution to pursue his new projectsin Peru at 1200° Corona. But not only that, he also had the opportunity to live a unique experience at the 1200° Workshop of Experiences, located in Caldas-Antioquia, Colombia, where imagination and creativity were the protagonists.
chef jorge muñoz y artesano en el torno
chef jorge muñoz dibujando
chef jorge muñoz testeando texturas y formas de 1200° corona
artesano  en el torno, dando los acabados finales
chef jorge muñoz en una mesa con referentes de emplatados


In collaboration with our experts and artisans, Jorge created seven unique custom-made shapes for his tableware, successfully reflecting his style and personality in the presentation of his creations. The result of this creative workshop was extraordinary. Each shape and detail of these pieces was carefully thought out to highlight Jorge's culinary essence and convey the passion he puts into each of his dishes.

Soon, you will be able to see the outcome of this collaboration in action at Jorge's restaurants. Stay tuned!
chef jorge muñoz mostrando sus emplatados

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